Customers Learning More About the Smart Energy Plan


Ameren Missouri customers are learning much more about energy grid modernization projects coming to their towns and neighborhoods as part of the Smart Energy Plan communication effort.

A suite of direct mail customer communications, handouts and door hangers are being used to help make customers more aware of grid upgrades, specifically poles and wires construction projects, coming to their areas.

"We want our customers to have information about Smart Energy Plan projects before, during and after these grid modernization projects are being completed, which provide so many benefits to customers," said Geralynn Lord, vice president, Corporate Communications, Ameren Services. "These investments in the energy grid help reduce, or even eliminate, power outages in areas where more storm-resilient poles are installed. These upgrades, along with the installation of smart switches, can harden our grid and even make it more 'self-healing' in times of storms. Plus, making these upgrades creates thousands of new jobs across our state."

"The most important message is this: we value you as a customer and want to keep you informed about the upcoming work we're doing to upgrade energy service in your community," said Chip Webb, director, Central Missouri Division, Ameren Missouri.

Over the next five years, Ameren Missouri will invest in more than 2,000 electric projects across our service territory that will not only enhance reliability, but provide smarter energy infrastructure, introduce new sources of renewable energy, and provide new tools to help customers manage their energy usage.

The plan is all part of the Ameren Missouri mission to power the quality of life for Missouri families and businesses, making the state an even better place to live and do business.

Find out how Ameren Missouri is moving forward with smart energy for customers and the communities it serves at:

Smart Energy Upgrades

May 2019

Published on by Gregory Hauenstein.