Building a Brighter Energy Future for Missouri

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Smart Energy Plan

Lower Rates. Greater Benefits for Missourians.

The State of Missouri recently updated its energy policies with a new law to support electric energy consumers. With tremendous support from POWERforward members, an impressive 85% of state legislators voted in favor of this reform. As a result of this new law, Ameren Missouri introduced the Smart Energy Plan on August 1, 2018. The plan offers electric customers greater value by keeping bills more stable, predictable, and affordable through a rate cut, a rate freeze and rate caps, all while upgrading the energy grid in a way that introduces new sources of clean, renewable energy into a smarter system and reduces or eliminates power outages. Learn more about the Smart Energy Plan by watching the video below:

Lower Rates

A Rate cut, rate freeze, and rate cap will keep rates low, stable and predictable.

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Smart Energy Infrastructure

Proactive reliability projects will improve the dependability of the energy grid and give you more control over your energy usage and costs.

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A Stronger Community

Economic development incentives will create jobs and provide more opportunities for Missourians.

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