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SB 564

POWERforward is working to update Missouri’s energy policies to build a smarter, more secure, more stable energy future for Missouri. It’s time to jumpstart growth and help consumers by replacing century-old regulations with a structure for a modern economy – one that supports investments we need to improve aging infrastructure, build a bridge to a cleaner energy future, and support job growth.

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A more modern regulatory structure can meet our energy needs by improving aging infrastructure, building a bridge to a cleaner energy future and supporting job growth. It will help us build a smarter energy future that is better for energy consumers, our communities, and out state's economy.

Passing SB 564 will allow Missouri to take advantage of smart technologies that prevent power outages and restore power more quickly after an outage occurs, improve grid security to better protect the energy grid against physical and cyber-attacks, and provide greater energy bill stability and cost caps to keep energy affordable for all Missourians.

Passing this legislation will accelerate efforts to modernize the energy grid with more than $1 billion in investments, creating more than 3,000 jobs, all while establishing predictable and stable rates for customers through rate caps. Rates have been increasing by 6.1% per year recently, and, if passed, this legislation will cap any rate increase at 3% annually.

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