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  • Missouri Energy Legislation Continues to Move Forward
  • AIM Endorses Energy Rate Cap Legislation
  • 'Falcon Cam' Launches with Mother Bird's First Eggs
  • Power Profile: Hart Nelson, St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce

Missouri Energy Legislation Continues to Move Forward

As the Missouri General Assembly has passed the half-way point of the 2018 legislative session, energy policy legislation continues to move forward in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The two important pending bills that will improve Missouri’s energy policies are House Bill 2265 (HB 2265) and Senate Bill 564 (SB 564), both of which will provide significant energy savings for the typical residential electric consumer. This is made possible by cutting electric rates by 4-5 percent within 90 days of being signed into law, freezing rates for three years from the last rate increase, and capping electric rate increases at 2.85 percent annually, cumulative from an investor-owned utility’s last rate review.

This energy policy, if signed into law, will also support building a smarter, more reliable, and more resilient energy grid for Missouri that reduces outages and creates thousands of jobs.



AIM Endorses Energy Rate Cap Legislation

Missouri’s oldest business association applauds immediate rate cuts for all consumers
Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM), the state’s oldest business organization, recently urged lawmakers to pass rate cap legislation, which would cut and cap electric rates in Missouri.

The business group says the compromise version of SB 564 that is before the House Utility Committee provides that benefits to utilities from the federal tax cuts must immediately flow to customers in the form of a 4-5% cut in electric rates. The legislation would also place a cap on rate increases for the first time in Missouri’s history, while preserving the Missouri Public Service Commission’s regulatory authority.
Associated Industries of Missouri praised the bipartisan compromise that allowed SB 564 to pass the Missouri Senate 25-6, becoming one of the first major pieces of legislation to pass that chamber this legislative session. According to the Associated Press, electric rates in Missouri have gone up approximately 5.2% annually over the past decade. SB 564 would cap the average annual rate increases at 2.85%, the most consumer-friendly rate caps in the country.

'Falcon Cam' Launches with Mother Bird's First Eggs

Watch live as peregrine falcons prepare for the arrival of their chicks
Missouri is home to about 340 bird species a year, and thanks to their distinctive dive-bombing hunting technique, peregrine falcons are among the most fascinating. For the seventh year, Ameren Missouri, in partnership with the World Bird Sanctuary (WBS) and the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), is providing a
live feed of a pair of nesting peregrine falcons from 160 feet above the ground at Ameren Missouri’s Sioux Energy Center. The female falcon has recently laid several eggs, triggering the start of the 2018 Falcon Cam season.

Peregrine falcons usually mate for life, and typically a nesting pair will lay 3-4 eggs, though last year the Sioux Center pair produced five. For the next few months, the adult birds will take turns incubating the eggs, tending the chicks, and hunting to keep themselves and the chicks well fed. The near-apex predators generate ongoing interest among the many fans around the world who watch the live camera feed. In 2017, the live stream was viewed hundreds of thousands of times and peaked in early May when the chicks hatched.


Hart Nelson, St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce

Former diplomat now serves people of metro St. Louis

Driven by the call to serve others, Hart Nelson, vice president of public policy at the St. Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce, is in the business of helping people. A former United States diplomat and information technology expert, Nelson has devoted his career to public service and community involvement on a global scale.

“From the starting gate, I have been motivated by the calling to serve others,” said Nelson. “Each and every day, I am granted the opportunity to improve the community [and world] around me. That’s priceless.”

For nearly four years, Nelson has dedicated his time to developing and campaigning on public policies that inspire a greater St. Louis and enhance the region’s business climate.

“I thrive on the ability to make things happen,” Nelson said. “It is my goal to curate, strengthen and maintain long-lasting partnerships with business, government and community leaders within the St. Louis region.”


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