Smart Energy Infrastructure


Proactive reliability projects will improve the dependability of Missouri’s energy grid and give Missourians more control over their energy usage and costs by providing consumers with information to make more informed choices. A Smart Grid refers to a suite of technologies – automation, remote controls, computer processing and two-way communication – designed to detect and prevent problems and restore power more quickly, and empower you to make more informed energy decisions.

The Smart Energy Plan will also introduce new sources of clean, renewable energy, including offering up to $28 million in solar rebates for customers. In addition, Ameren Missouri will allocate $14 million to universal solar by 2023.

Work is underway on several Ameren Missouri Smart Energy Plan projects. Some projects will be completed this year, with more than 2,000 projects to be completed by the end of 2023. 

Watch project videos here, or read project highlights below:

Jefferson City

·         Downtown Jefferson City, $1.2 million smart grid technology project, 2019 start 

·         Fairgrounds, $250,000 substation project, 2019 start 

Northwest Missouri

·         Lawson, $727,000 in conductor and cable upgrades, 2019 start 

·         Lawson, $240,000 project costs, digital communication network upgrades, 2021 start

Central Missouri - Audrain & Cooper County – Mexico & Boonville

·         Vandalia, $2.2 million, new substation, 2021 start

·         Overton, $3.3 million substation upgrade, 2019 start

·         Tisdale, $318,000 cable upgrade, 2019 start 

Northeast Missouri

·         Kirksville, $8.7 million Brookfield substation, 2020 start 

·         Lake of the Ozarks Versailles, $147,000 substation and digital communication network, 2021 start 

·         Mt. Carmel, $297,000 s digital network upgrades, 2021 start

Southeast Missouri

·         Cape Rock, $10.9 million substation and new overhead lines, 2020 start 

·         Combined $19 million solar and battery storage projects 

Mid-Missouri – Callaway County

·         Holts Summit, $320,000 substation upgrade, 2023 start

·         New Bloomfield, $315,000 substation upgrade, 2020 start 

St. Louis Region

·         North County, $28 million for the Pershall substation and self-healing technologies, 2020 start

·         West County, $7.1 million Ballas substation and storm hardening equipment, 2019 start

·         Warson, $1.9 million for smart technology and storm hardening equipment, 2019 start

·         Conway, $3.1 million for system hardening, 2019 start

Published on by Ryan Sinovic.