Proposed Energy Legislation Reduces Businesses' Energy Costs

Thank you for your interest in energy legislation, specifically Senate Bill 564 and House Bill 2265, which will cut, freeze and cap your electric rates.

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We've created a short video that explains the customer benefits of having a smart, secure energy grid along with stable rates:

Here's how SB 564/HB 2265 benefits you:

  • Cuts electric rates approximately 4-5% for you within 90 days of being signed into law.
  • Freezes rates for three years from the last rate increase.
  • Caps electric rate increases at 2.85% annually, cumulative from a utility's last rate review,making your rates more affordable, stable and predictable.
  • Helps make Missouri's electric grid smarter, more secure and more reliable, enabling new products and services, and reducing service interruptions for you.