2017 End of Session Update

Friday was the final day of the 2017 Missouri legislative regular session. We are however hearing from several sources that one or more special sessions may be called by the Governor relatively soon, and we will keep you posted as things unfold.
In recent days we reported to you that SB 302 was amended in the House to include some of the provisions from SB 190, the Missouri Economic Development and Infrastructure Investment Act, when it appeared that a small group of senators would continue their filibuster and not allow SB 190 to come to a vote.
After SB 302 stalled in the Senate during debate last Thursday afternoon, SB 124 was amended in the House to include the two key energy policy amendments from SB 302. Rep. Don Rone (R-149, Portageville) placed the 'smelter' and 'PSC enabling' language amendments on SB 124 and gave a very passionate speech on the House floor about the importance of passing this legislation to support the return of hundreds of jobs to Missouri's boot heel.
Please see the story (copied below) from the Missouri Scout and click on the link to listen to Rep. Rone's speech, which received a standing ovation from the body. The House members then proceeded to pass SB 124 by a vote of 148-2 to send it back to the Senate for debate last Friday. Unfortunately, the session ended without SB 302 or SB 124 coming back up for floor debate in the Senate.
Thank you so much for being a member of POWERforward and for your tremendous support of SB 190/SB 302 during this legislative session! Your responses to Calls-to-Action, to contact your legislators, was incredible; and your voices did make a difference. There was more support in the General Assembly for energy policy legislation this year than ever before. There were also more than 180 companies, organizations, and associations that signed-on in support of the Missouri Economic Development and Infrastructure Investment Act.
In fact, as mentioned earlier one or more special sessions may be called by the Governor and energy issues may be included in one of these calls.  If this happens it would provide us with a good opportunity to achieve some level of regulatory reform this year.  As we learn more about special session calls from the Governor and what issues are being addressed we will keep you informed.

Through POWERforward, we will continue to work together to get our state's energy policies updated to support accelerated energy grid investments to benefit our customers and put thousands of people to work across Missouri. We will continue the fight to get this job done!

Again, thank you for your support!



Rone: King Libla Heartless

Rep. Don Rone enjoyed a standing ovation from his House colleagues after a passionate speech about his attempts to bring hundreds of new jobs to the boot heel.  Listen to his speech here.

Rone derided Sen. Doug Libla as “King Libla,” because he’s blocking the change to utility regulations that would accommodate these jobs.

He accused Libla, and Sens. Rob Schaaf and Gary Romine of being “heartless,” “selfish,” and “egotistical.”

During Senate debate on the issue (SB302), Sen. Ed Emery read a statement from Public Service Commissioner Daniel Hall (see it here), saying that it was consistent with the Commission’s recent report on utility reform.
In addition, below is a link to a related story in the Missouri Times, titled, 'Rone attempts last lifeline for boot heel jobs against Libla opposition.'

MO Scout, 5/12/17