AIM Endorses Energy Rate Cap Legislation


Missouri’s oldest business association applauds immediate rate cuts for all consumers

Associated Industries of Missouri (AIM), the state’s oldest business organization, recently urged lawmakers to pass rate cap legislation, which would cut and cap electric rates in Missouri. 

The business group says the compromise version of SB 564 that is before the House Utility Committee provides that benefits to utilities from the federal tax cuts must immediately flow to customers in the form of a 4-5% cut in electric rates. The legislation would also place a cap on rate increases for the first time in Missouri’s history, while preserving the Missouri Public Service Commission’s regulatory authority. 

Associated Industries of Missouri praised the bipartisan compromise that allowed SB 564 to pass the Missouri Senate 25-6, becoming one of the first major pieces of legislation to pass that chamber this legislative session. According to the Associated Press, electric rates in Missouri have gone up approximately 5.2% annually over the past decade. SB 564 would cap the average annual rate increases at 2.85%, the most consumer-friendly rate caps in the country. 

“We urge Missouri lawmakers to pass SB 564, which will immediately put more than $100 million back into the pockets of Missouri families and businesses,” said Ray McCarty, president and CEO of Associated Industries of Missouri. “In addition, the strict rate caps in this legislation will provide Missouri businesses with exactly the kind of rate stability and predictability they have long been seeking. Passage of SB 564 will benefit all ratepayers in Missouri, including our member businesses that rely on reliable and affordable electricity.” 

McCarty noted the legislation contains an emergency clause, which means that utilities would be mandated to lower electric rates within 90 days of the Governor signing the bill, as opposed to 90 days after Aug. 28. 

“Every day that goes by without passage of this legislation is a day that more than $100 million stays with the utilities and not in the hands of Missouri workers and business owners,” said McCarty. “Missourians deserve to get the full benefits of the federal tax cuts right away. Without passage of SB 564, some Missouri customers are unlikely to get these funds back for several years.” 

Because most AIM members are manufacturers that depend on reliable and affordable electricity, the organization also supports provisions in SB 564 that will help modernize Missouri’s electric grid to make it more resilient and resistant to cyberattacks and increase reliability of the entire system.